In the new year I want to keep learning more about docs like code, and I know that I’ve learned a lot from the Write the Docs community and presentations.

Top of mind for me right now is that the 2018 conference in Portland Oregon is in May, 6-8 to be exact, and the call for proposals closes next Wednesday, January 10, 2018. You can register and buy your ticket - or tickets for your whole team - online now.

Even when I don’t make it to the conference in person, the video recordings are super helpful to learn from others. Here’s a collection of the relevant talks over the years:

2017 US conference

Jodie Putrino presented “Treating documentation like code: a practical account” to share her experiences at F5 Networks.

2016 US conference

A panel of folks from Rackspace, Microsoft, Balsamiq, and Twitter talked about how they are adopting these practices.

2016 EU conference

Margaret Eker and Jennifer Roundeau talked about the “Missing Manual” for docs like code.

Rachel Whitten talked about docs-as-code in practice.

2015 US conference

Riona MacNamara spoke about how adopting docs like code has completely transformed how Google does documentation.

All this to say, the docs-like-code concepts are widely practiced in our industry, and each conference provides more inspiring examples. Perhaps you can watch these presentations and be inspired to integrate code and doc techniques.