Setting up Techdocs on Backstage

Techdocs is Spotify’s homegrown docs like code solution. it allows the user to store documentation to near code thus allowing it to be easily discovered.

Building Our Documentation Site on platformOS — Part 1: Information Architecture

This article series describes our process for building the platformOS documentation site, with in-depth insights into our approach, decisions, and plans. In this part, we share how we started, how we got to know our audience, how we figured out what content we need, and how we outlined a sitemap for our documentation site.

Multiple product versions - Balsamiq, Leon Barnard

Learn useful techniques for static sites such as Hugo on GitHub from Leon Barnard, Designer and Writer at Balsamiq. He describes documenting multiple versions of a product with a Go-coded solution.

Case Study - Symantec, Jennifer Rondeau

Jennifer Rondeau, Technical Writing Manager at Capital One, talks about her experiences as a Principal Information Developer at Symantec integrating code and documentation tightly.

Case Study - Pantheon, Rachel Whitton

In this use case, the Technical Content Editor at Pantheon, Rachel Whitton, describes their use of GitHub for documentation on a platform for WordPress and Drupal.

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